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I have been out of work because of Covid-19 since 3/17/20 like a lot of people. KIA has put 2 months worth of payments on the end of my loan, which I appreciate and in the long run will put more money in their pockets because my loan will be extended.

I was informed 6/29/20, my call date to extend deferment was 6/30, that the rules changed and as long as I am collecting social security and some unemployment that a deferral is no longer an option. I understand they want their money, and they would have gotten it all and then some had they worked with me. Talked to someone who was having trouble understanding what I was asking. What it came down to I was hoping to be able to work out an arrangement (I'm still not back to work and it looks like the virus is spreading again).

I would pay to bring my car up to date and hopefully be able to make arrangements to pay half payments for 6 months or until I go back to work. In the long run KIA finance would have come out ahead with the extension of my loan. Told me flat out they would not do that and that I should surrender my car..... so once they send me "the letter" I will have 10 days.

They can come and get it, I will give them the keys. To bad, I really liked my car.

Preferred solution: Work with people....especially during the virus. I'm not asking for a free car!.

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