January of 2021 I made my payment on the KIA website using my checking account information. When looking at my bank account and after visiting the credit union I was advised by the credit union that KIA took two payments of 410.14.

I went to the KIA dealership to obtain information to call KIA. My salesman that sold me my Soul told me that KIA took 6 payments from his account the same month. I called KIA and was told they will mail me a check in 16 days. I received the check on day 17.

By them taking two payments my bank account was wayy overdrawn. I asked KIA billing why they couldn't just return the money to my account, they advised me they cannot do that. I believe they purposely took the second payment and used my money for a few days to earn money in the market. If I could I would refinance my car.

I will never finance a car again through KIA.

I am considering trading my Soul in for a Toyota or Nissan. I love my Soul, but cannot take another hit on my bank account or worry about this happening again.


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