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Bought a car for my son 10/6/20 on 10/14/20 called to set up Auto Pay and Kia did not have the account set up I was told it was the dealership that did not send it in. I called the Dealership and they said that they are wrong and they always mislead people because KIA financial employees dont know what they are doing.

I called Kia back and they said wait another week.

Today 10/27/30 called KIA Young girl answered and I had to hang up because of all the back crying

I called back and spoke to another young girl who again could not put sentences together yet alone answer your questions So I asked to speak to Supervisor I got someone named Eddy who again didnt really understand questions and sounded very young he stated my account was set today that I had to wait until 11/6/20 to make a payment to set up account even thought it took KIA 21 dats to set up my new account. So basically because of their incompetence I as a Customer had to make many calls including the dealership several times and will still have to do that to set up something that every company out there wishes their customers will do

This place has no clue how to treat customers, answer questions and treat customers so they can leave with a good experience but being that they are so unprofessional and young you can tell by their responses and inattentiveness that they could care less even Eddy the Supervisor which is why it prompted me to write this DONT USE KIA FINANCIAL YOU WILL REGRET IT LIKE I AM ITs GOING TO BE A LONG LEASE IF I HAVE TO KEEP CALLING THEM FOR HELP

User's recommendation: Get another Financial Company TRUST ME.

Preferred solution: Better Customer Service .

Kia Motors Finance Cons: Poor service.

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