with what is going on in the world you all should be more understanding with some of our situations I havnt been able to work in a week and neither has my husband we have both been sick and are not aloud at work because of it we are having financial difficulties at the moment and to be told we cant even have a payment at least pushed back for a month is just ridiculous! I've done it in the past and have always paid my payment with both cars that we have bought from kia!

I'm at my wits end trying to make sure we have everything taken care of in these hard times we have a 7 yr old grandson that we have had custody of for now going on 2 yrs that we are fighting to adopt and with schools being closed and him being disabled it's hard on that aspect also I just hope and pray this all passes soon so we can all go back to just living life and not living in fear!

I am trying to at least come up with something to put on my payment but with no prevail I havnt yet found the money but I will keep trying !! prayers for all, victoria&;; jack geisler

Product or Service Mentioned: Kia Motors Finance Customer Care.

Location: Iola, Kansas

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