Purchased 2021 Kia Telluride. Vehicle is great, but the Finance through Kia Motors Finance has been an absolute nightmare.

First the rate they gave me was not all all competitive at 6% considering I have excellent credit. So I decided to refinance after I purchased the vehicle. I was able to refinance the following month at credit union for 2.74%. I paid my last payment to Kia Motors so I would be not charged a late fee while my credit union paid off the Kia Loan.

With my excess payment, I had a surplus so Kia Motors needed to refund me the surplus amount. They sent it on 1/30/2021, but sent it to my credit union, but for some reason, my credit union never received it. Credit Union instructed Kia Motors to cancel the check and re-issue new check to me directly. It's been over 2 months and I have yet to receive my surplus check after calls after calls over a span of over 2 months (today is 3/22/2021).

This refund check process with Kia Motors Finance is a joke. Would not recommend doing business with Kia Finance so get your financing somewhere else, but do buy the Kia Telluride vehicle.

Location: Whitinsville, Massachusetts

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